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The Giant Forest

Rich Smith's debut CD, "The Giant Forest," is a self performed and produced solo piano album, inspired by the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park, California. The recording includes 10 of Rich's best improvisational compositions which were recorded in August 1997 on his 1897 Chickering grand piano. The styles of music on the recording are a mixture of neoclassical and new age with a bit of world music and jazz influences.

The Giant Forest album cover
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Rich Smith inside a Sequoia Tree
Giants Dance at Midnight
Song of the Kaweah
The Loveable Chipmunk
The Soaring Hawk
The Crying Spirit
Sequoian Peace
The Raging Fire
Trees Love the Rain
General Sherman Speaks
Reflections 1*
*Reflections 1 P & © 1987 Rich Smith /
Rich Smith Music (ASCAP),
all others P & © 1997 Rich Smith /
Rich Smith Music (ASCAP).

CD total playing time is 62 minutes. The CD was remastered in May of 1999.

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