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Photo by Rich Smith of French Horns and Sax. Rich Smith Music Productions Photo by Rich Smith of Piano Harp.
My first recordings, arrangements, and productions date back to my early teens: recording the Steinway grand in my school auditorium, our upright at home, ensembles, and my own synthesized, sampled, and vocalized sounds: making the house shake with every dimension of the frequency spectrum. I built giant speaker enclosures as part of my high school Physics project, complimenting my production of “The Ocean”: a journey through the ocean complete with my original songs and music, whale sounds and the like, performed in sync with my school’s dancers choreographed by our teacher. My musical productions were all the while enhanced by my participation singing and playing in shows and ensembles from choirs to bands small and large performing many styles from classical to modern.
Fast forward to this millennium and find me still loving the creative process of music production: writing, arranging, recording and editing, whether for film, record, or performance, soloists or groups, or the timeless tale of my own solo projects. Please click below to listen to some of my projects, and contact me if you’re serious about hiring me for your own project, whether you need a piano track, a full-blown production, or anything in between.
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