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'To listen to music by Rich Smith is to be in touch with the varied emotions of human existence. ~ Betty Chang
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Photo of Yosemite National Park by Rich Smith ©1997 - 2012 Rich Smith.

Quotes about Rich Smith

'From the first time I watched Rich Smith perform, it's so memorable and unforgettable
that the impact lasted. It's like when you see a movie and it stays with you for a lifetime. His
music possesses a very strong sense of melodic flow, though improvised, as if it was played
many times before. I've never seen anything like it. It's soaring, mesmerizing, amazing!'

~ Guy Marshall, Los Angeles Producer


'Rich Smith is an exemplary pianist/composer whose music excites me with every
stroke of the keys. His music is varied and wonderful. Go see him!'

~ Mark Ferber, ‘The Voice of the Hollywood Bowl’,
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association,
1950 – 2010


'Rich Smith has the ability to move audiences
with his improvisations like I've never seen before!'

~ Paul Tavenner, Los Angeles Producer


'Rich Smith. Never has a musician been so aptly named.
Indeed, had Rich Smith not been the name given him by his parents
in an act of seemingly perfect prognostication, fate would have necessitated
the name be bestowed upon him as an honorary title, as those granted to Champions.

For Rich Smith plays with a tone, style, nuance and emotion that is undeniably rich.

And his unwavering stamina, which allows him to play and create for long stretches
at a time, combined with his passion for perfection and attention to detail,
assure all those fortunate enough to see him play and hear his music
that he is in his chosen art, truly, a smith.'

~ Eric Joseph Stein, Los Angeles Actor / Director / Producer


'From the very first note played to the very last, I could not have
been more satisfied with Rich Smith's excellent performance of "Yosemite II."
The compositions he played filled the room with such powerful emotions that truly
uplifted my spirits. Sharing the historical aspects and most inspirational sites of Yosemite
filled my soul with such beautiful imagery while listening to the music and even though
I've never visited, brought remarkable pictures to my mind with such ease.

First row in a live concert allowed me to witness Rich's performance with
my own eyes which totally blew me away. His hands simply flew / danced back and
forth across the keys like a repeating flip book however his fingers always played the
right note. It just struck my soul with complete awe. His vocal talent was one that made
me enjoy his music even more. It really is an unwanted moment where a beautifully
written song is sung by someone not exactly right for the part but his voice
holds such a remarkably peaceful and smooth tone that made
"Give us Peace" a song that I feel was one of the most
moving compositions of the concert.

I could not think of a better way to spend a relaxing Sunday
afternoon listening to a performance of such prodigious talent.
I greatly look forward to the next performance.'

~ Naomi Hong, Hacienda Heights CA


'Going to "Yosemite II" was one of the most fascinating experiences for me.
Rich Smith is such an incredibly talented pianist. His music is rich with inspirational
messages and captures the beauty of nature. His music literally fills the room and touches
everyone who is listening to it. His music is not only breathtaking but also touches and
comforts the soul. I LOVED the concert and I really look forward to the next one.'

~ Linda Wu, Hacienda Heights CA

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Reviews of "The Giant Forest"

‘Beyond words~
It takes you to a magical place where music becomes the water
you float on as the waves softly carry you away...’

~ Sergio Dardon, Los Angeles CA


'I bought "The Giant Forest" in 1997 when seeing Rich perform
in Santa Monica. I have played
that CD ever since. I am in the US Navy; when I lived in Montevideo,
Uruguay, I would play "The Giant Forest" amongst the Latinas that don't even
speak English, but they loved the music. I also can say the same when I
worked for Osan Air Base in Korea and the US Embassy in
Jakarta Indonesia.'

Rich's music saved my life.
While living in Jakarta from 2008 to 2011,
I played "The Giant Forest" nightly to go to sleep and
it truly helped me while working for a difficult boss.
Just to hear the pure piano sound for the entire CD enabled me to
do everything I set out to do. The CD also provided a quietness and calmness
among my office mates that my former boss was unable to disturb
as we executed our daily activities.

~ Kevin White, Columbia MO


'I enthusiastically recommend "The Giant Forest,"
by Rich Smith. The first time I heard Rich Smith perform live in
Los Angeles, I wondered how it was possible to evoke such passion with a keyboard.

After two years of listening, I still don't understand how he does it. Needless to say, Rich Smith
is an extraordinarily gifted artist who is easily one of the most important talents to appear in this century.

This album is a wonderful celebration of life. Its delicious textures are filled with impassioned
images that float effortlessly through the mind. If you truly love someone, this music
will harmonize the soul of music in your hearts and minds.
Give it to someone you really care about.'

~ John Pash, Los Angeles CA


'If you love piano and nature, you would love this one...
I bought "The Giant Forest" from Rich after I heard his performance.
I liked it so much that I bought another one and presented it as a gift to my dearest friend.
Listening to the great pieces, I can close my eyes and almost see the forest
stretching right in front me. The great inspiration from the soaring hawk,
the tenderness and peace from the little chipmunk, are only
examples how Rich's music can really touch one's heart.
I love it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has
a heart for great piano and for great nature...'

~ Sharon Ling, Clarksville MD


'WOW --- I want more. I first heard Rich in a street musician concert
in the Santa Monica area. I was completely taken by his improv that I stood and
listened for over an hour. I bought his CD when he was done, thinking this will probably be OK. ---
Boy was I surprised. The CD is so incredibly emotional and dramatic. I play it over and
over and have become very familiar with the pieces. What talent!
What ability to evoke and communicate! I want more!'

~ Ed Glass, Elkhart IN


'Ladies and gentlemen; Rich Smith is Unique and unparalleled.
It is easy to hear the influence of giants of piano music like Beethoven
(a nature lover) and Liszt (a virtuoso) in Rich Smith's CD. The harmonies
and structure more closely resemble Classical music than the pointless wanderings
of new age music. His music commands your attention and allows you to be carried away in
its beauty (Chopin), fiery passion (Beethoven) and amazing technique (Liszt). This CD should be
listened to fully consciously; not as background filler, but in relaxed concentration. (glass of
wine, low light, loved one etc.) Having had the pleasure of performing with Rich, I can
vouch for his individual improvisational style, his technique (his ability to read music,
unlike most new age piano players) and his effortless creativity.
We all look forward to a 2nd, 3rd ...CD.'

~ David Van Mersbergen, Atlanta GA


'Simply Beautiful Music. I love this CD! I received it as a gift and
am so amazed by the simple beauty evoked by Rich Smith and his piano.
Rich has a love for music that can be clearly heard and felt with every note.
I highly recommend this to anyone who considers themselves a fan of music!'

~ Katelynne, Seattle WA


'VERY NICE MUSIC. A very fine music, to listen alone, or together with
a friend or a girlfriend. Great. It's a very special gift!'

~ Dietmar Poernbacher, Brixen I, Italy


'Beethoven would be humbled..... Rich Smith is a genius with a heart of gold and
both qualities can be easily heard if you listen to "The Giant Forest." My only challenge
with his CD is that I occasionally have to buy a new one because I play it so often. The fact that
Rich improvises so much of his music blows my mind away because every note he plays sounds
incredibly well planned and richly practiced. The Giant Forest (in addition to
anything else Rich produces) is truly candy for your ears.'

~ Julia Pegler, Malibu CA


'Excellent music! Bought the "Giant Forest" in January 99,
its so far the only CD in my 10 disk changer which I never had to replace –
you can hear it over and over- it’s just great music: a must have!'

~ Peter Roggla, Innsbruck, Austria

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Reviews of "The Giant Forest"

'Bravo to the virtuosity and fine musicianship in this new collection
of old piano favorites. Rich wows the listener with his extreme ranges from
the dramatic to the delicate, the serious to the light hearted, all performed flawlessly
in what has become a unique Rich Smith style. There is rich creativity in these interpretations,
often whimsical, but always with a sensitivity to the original piece and a desire to
take it that step further into the Rich Smith artistry and "Twist."'

~ Lee Gorman Smith, Vero Beach FL

'Simply superb! "Piano Sampler with a Rich Twist" is nothing less than
a showcase of just how talented Rich Smith truly is. In this CD, he was able to
tackle some of the most difficult and well-known classical songs while, at the same time,
showing a great depth of understanding, creativity, and thorough enjoyment which
makes this CD nothing short of amazing. I can't wait for his next composition!'

~ Robert Hochberger, Long Beach CA


'BRAVO, he did it AGAIN!!!
"Piano Sampler with a Rich Twist," is simply "wonderful"!
Playing such versatile music so perfectly proves (once more)
Rich Smith's excellent capabilities!!!
*SUPERB Performance*...'

~ Liviana Mungai, Long Beach CA


'I love "Piano Sampler with a Rich Twist."
The selection of pieces is wonderful and Rich's performances of
them are outstanding. I can sense the enjoyment he's having while playing them.'

~ Ernie Smith, Vero Beach FL

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Reviews of "3rd Street Improv"

'Beautiful music, diverse, passionate, original, masterfully played,
innovative, very visual and cinematic. Inspiring and uplifting to the soul.
You get wrapped up in it and it carries you on.'

~ Christine Sofiane, Soprano


'Rich Smith's improvisational skills are absolutely mesmerizing...
he takes you on an unforeseen and unexpected journey into a sound world
that runs the gamut from classical to jazz to the more popular vein.
Listening to Rich is a joy.'

~ Steve Linder, Former Manager, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra


'"3rd St. Improv" not only again displays Rich Smith's "great" skills as a
Composer and a Musician, but also brings out emotions, feelings... energy!
..... my absolute favorites are: #1 "For Lovers" (Very filled with feeling, romantic...
I feel a touch of sadness in it!). #2 "The Dancer" (A sad, beautiful melody at first...
filled later with different moods... some of them very energizing!). I also love the last
'passage' of "Romance".... and of course, Rich shows what he can really do with
a 'Pianoforte' in "Let's Just Have Fun !"....  "BRAVO", "BRAVISSIMO"!!!!'

~ Liviana dall'Italia

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Reviews of "August Sky"

'I love this album. Especially "Battle of the Birds".
The music demands all your attention and you cannot just
play it in the background. I listen to August Sky often.'

~ Runa Gandhi, Rajasthan, India


'”Battle of the Birds” is my favorite, but all of the songs are very soothing and beautiful.'

~ Yeen-Shi Chen, Rhythm & Hues Studios


'After purchasing "August Sky" on 3rd Street, I listened to it during my hour-drive home.
The music literally took my breath away. I was so amazed by the compositions that I
stayed in my car an extra half an hour listening to them. It took just that one night
on 3rd Street for Rich Smith to become my new favorite composer.'

~ Naomi Hong, Hacienda Heights CA

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