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3rd Street Improv

Rich Smith's third CD, "3rd Street Improv," is a live solo electronic piano album performed and produced by Rich Smith. It's a collection of improvisations recorded directly from Rich's live performances at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. The recordings were made during the summer of 2000, except for "Angels Sing," which was recorded on Halloween night in 1999. It covers the full spectrum of styles improvised by Rich during that time: neoclassical is the main style (with many variations - styles within the style), but also covered are: jazz, blues, ragtime, art rock, world, & new age.

3rd Street Improv album cover

Album Cover Photo by Maki Komura

Album Design by Scott A. Crutcher
Electrifying, inspirational, cinematic, romantic, passionate, healing, joyful, fun, spontaneous, soulful.... To read some reviews of this CD, click here
Photo of Rich Smith by Toni Zeto

Photo by Toni Zeto

The album also includes 1 photo by
Marc Antony Pickering

E Flat Jazz
F Blues
For Lovers
Let's Just Have Fun !
Sharing Stories
The Dancer
Song to Heaven
Angels Sing
P & © 2001 Rich Smith / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP).
CD total playing time is 73:12.

Recording method: Direct to digital, mostly at 48KHz; "Angels Sing" was recorded to analog, then converted to 48KHz digital. No microphones were used, so you won't be able to hear any background noises on the CD.

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