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Photo by Rich Smith of French Horns and Sax. Rich Smith Music Productions Photo by Rich Smith of Piano Harp.
My first recordings, arrangements, and productions date back to my early teens: recording the Steinway grand in my school auditorium, our upright at home, ensembles, and my own synthesized, sampled, and vocalized sounds: making the house shake with every dimension of the frequency spectrum. I built giant speaker enclosures as part of my high school Physics project, complimenting my production of “The Ocean”: a journey through the ocean complete with my original songs and music, whale sounds and the like, performed in sync with my school’s dancers choreographed by our teacher. My musical productions were all the while enhanced by my participation singing and playing in shows and ensembles from choirs to bands small and large performing many styles from classical to modern.
Fast forward to this millennium and find me still loving the creative process of music production: writing, arranging, recording and editing, whether for film, record, or performance, soloists or groups, or the timeless tale of my own solo projects. Please click below to listen to some of my projects, and contact me if you’re serious about hiring me for your own project, whether you need a piano track, a full-blown production, or anything in between.
Photos by Rich Smith Audio samples of Rich Smith's Music Productions below. ©1997 - 2012 Rich Smith.

Music Production Samples (For Film, TV, Video, Theatre, Record, or Performance)

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For You We Sing, America (Live Performance)
"Guyot Designs" video (Green Living Project)
"Primo Restaurant" video (Green Living Project)
"Tierra del Volcan" video (part 1) (Green Living Project)
"Rios Tropicales" video (part 1) (Green Living Project)
"Bells of Heaven" entrance music (Green Living Project)
"The Leatherback Trust" video (Green Living Project)
"South America Theme" (Green Living Project)
"Equilibrio Azul" video (part 1) (Green Living Project)
"Mountain Lodges of Peru" video (Green Living Project)
"Local Sprouts Cooperative" video (Green Living Project)
"Maine Compost School" video (Green Living Project)
"Maine Huts and Trails" video (Green Living Project)
"Cristalino Jungle Lodge" video (part 1) (Green Living Project)
"Equilibrio Azul" video (part 3) (Green Living Project)
"Equilibrio Azul" video (part 6) (Green Living Project)
"Equilibrio Azul" video (part 7) (Green Living Project)
Central America Videos' Theme (Green Living Project)
Maine Videos' Theme (Green Living Project)
Reflections 1 (Maruchan Soup Commercial)
Song of the Kaweah ("The War Game" Theatre Production)
Beyond Beauty (For the film, "Beyond Beauty")
To Live (For the film, "To Live")
Day Dream (For the film, "Loaves")
Wild Girl (For the film, "Loaves")
The Strangling (For the film, "Loaves")
Poison (For the film, "Loaves")
No More Rain (The Sunshine Song) (For the film, "Loaves")
Life is What You Make it
The Brighter Face of Life
A Love That's Always There For You
The Right Way
Sunday Afternoon
The Song Is You by Oscar Hammerstein & Jerome Kern
Chariots of Fire by Vangelis Papathanassiou
Mission Impossible by Lalo Schifrin
Angel by Sarah McLachlan
Saber Dance by Aram Khachaturian
I Wish by Stevland Morris, AKA: Stevie Wonder

All songs P & © 1987 to present by Rich Smith / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP) except as follows:
"For You We Sing, America" © 2009 Andrea Standley / Rich Smith / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP)
"No More Rain (The Sunshine Song)" © 1999 Shannan Keenan / Rich Smith / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP)
"Grand" © 2007 Eric Stein / Rich Smith / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP)
"The Right Way" © 2001 Martin Levin / Rich Smith / Levin Family Trust / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP)
"Sunday Afternoon" © 2001 Lisa Fink / Rich Smith / Rich Smith Music (ASCAP)

Green Living Project now known as GLP Films


All Music, Producing, Vocals and Instruments by Rich Smith except as follows:

"For You We Sing, America" (Live July 2011)
Lyrics by Andrea Standley, Music by Rich Smith
Arranged by ChiaHui Lin and Rich Smith
50 piece band Conducted by Vu Nguyen
Tenor Sax Solo by Jürgen Schwarze

"Beyond Beauty"
Music by Rich Smith, Strings Arranged by ChiaHui Lin
Dzintars Kayris ~ Violin

"No More Rain (The Sunshine Song)"
Music by Rich Smith, Lyrics by Shannan Keenan & Rich Smith

Lyrics by Eric Stein, Music by Eric Stein & Rich Smith
Eric Stein ~ Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Melanie Stein ~ Backing Vocals
Kim Kopp ~ Guitar
Michael McQueen ~ Guitar

"Life is What You Make it"
Vocal arrangement by ChiaHui Lin & Rich Smith
Jamie Leigh Green ~ Backing Vocals
ChiaHui Lin ~ Backing Vocals
Leroy Wilson ~ Drums

"The Brighter Face of Life"
Jamie Leigh Green ~ Backing Vocals
Paul Tavenner ~ Drums

"A Love That's Always There For You"
Jamie Leigh Green ~ Vocals
Paul Tavenner ~ Drums

"The Right Way"
Lyrics by Martin Levin, Music by Rich Smith, Strings Arranged by ChiaHui Lin

"Sunday Afternoon"
Lyrics by Lisa Fink, Music by Rich Smith
Julie Dickens ~ Vocals
Ian Hattwick ~ Guitar
Leroy Wilson ~ Drums

"The Song Is You", "Chariots of Fire", "Mission Impossible",
"Angel", "Saber Dance", & "I Wish" Recording Credits as follows:

Rich Smith - Piano & Voice
Paula McMath - Voice
Janet Hane - Accordion
Hubert Pralitz - Violin
Ian Hattwick - Guitar
Erik Kertes - Acoustic & Electric Basses
Robert Fernandez - Percussion
Paul Tavenner - Drums

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